Ketoctin Baptist Church


April 5th, 2017

At Ketoctin Baptist, we have been talking about updating our website and possibly communicating with those that look at our site with a blog from the Pastor. I thought this was a great idea! However, since I am the Pastor, that meant I would have to be the one to write it and make it interesting (this is why good ideas sometimes die in the execution). Still, I do think this is a good idea … so here goes …

Welcome to my first ever Church Blog. I hope you have enjoyed our web site and have gotten the information you were seeking from the various tabs that have been put in place.

Ketoctin Baptist is a small congregation that meets for worship each week (Sunday) at 10:00 am. We are proud to share the name, history, and unique setting of the oldest Southern Baptist Church in Virginia, established in 1751. We believe we are continuing the heritage of worship and service established by those pioneers so long ago.
As we grow, study and worship together, we pray you will come visit and perhaps join our congregation as we seek to serve and minister in the Purcellville and Northern Virginia area.
We also invite you to check back here frequently for news and notes from the office of the pastor. If you have questions or thoughts you would like to share please use the contact information on our webpage.

Pastor David.

April 8th 2017 – Holy Week
Holy week is the time between Palm Sunday  and Easter Sunday that Christians observe, remember, and celebrate events leading to and culminating in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
At Ketoctin Baptist Church, we will be celebrating as follows:
Palm Sunday on April 9th at 10:00 AM - The text for our study will be the 19th Chapter of the Gospel of Luke. The title of our Sermon is “Oh to Be a Donkey” (yes, that is the actual title) and it will focus on;
1. Being Obedient to Christ.
2. Bringing Christ to the People
3. Identifying with Christ.
Maundy Thursday Service on April 13th at 7:00 PM – During this observance of the night Jesus was arrested we will join in celebrating the Lord’s Supper and experience a Tenebrae Service (a time of scripture and music where candles are extinguished until there is darkness). Our special guests will be the Sanctuary Choir from Little River Baptist Church
Easter Worship Celebration on April 16th at 10:00 AM – Our Easter celebration will be centered on the “Return of the Light” (The Thursday night Tenebrae Service extinguishes the light). We will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the beginning of the ministry that began with His disciples and continues through us to this day.
We invite you to come and visit with us during this special season. However, wherever you worship or celebrate we pray this will be a time of reflection, renewal and rejoicing
Pastor David